Today is the launch of my new website, which is exciting for me and I hope will be enjoyable for you too. I wanted to make this website feel welcoming and also be a part of me. So that you don’t feel like it’s just a cold branded place, but that you will feel the love that has gone into it’s creation; and also the love that I have for all animal species.

For me, animals have so much to teach us. Many are wise, like the crows that know how to add stones to a jar of water to raise the water level. Many have a youthfulness about them, like chimps, that help teach us that it is important to keep part of our inner child active, that it’s important to have some fun times. Some teach us, that when we think all hope is lost, we are still strong enough to carry on and survive. Watching shows like BBC’s Frozen Alaska is a perfect example of how animals survive harsh conditions. Many teach us how important team work is. Animals have taught us that we can all adapt to change, as many have had to adjust to their habitats being shrunk, removed, fighting against extinction and so on. Those are the wild species.

Wild Animals Reiki

The domestic species, fill our hearts with love, helping us to love unconditionally just like they do. Their wild cousins can too, but we form a closer bond with those animals we have domesticated. Most of us will do anything to keep our animal companions safe, through a loving home, shelter, food and veterinary care. Some of them are not so lucky, my heart goes out to these every day, as I am sure yours does too.

Pets Reiki Animal Healer

No matter whether they are wild or domesticated, I truly believe “animals need healing too,” which is why it was always a foregone conclusion that my Reiki practice would be dedicated to helping those who have no voice. Who rely on us to be their voice and rely on us to help them.

If you follow my Facebook page you will see that from time to time I share quotes from Inside the Divine Pattern. A.D. Williams really puts into words the things that I think about. One of my favourite quotes is, “Don’t treat other animals as animals. Treat them as living beings. That’s what they are.” How true those words are and what a wonderful motto to live by.

As a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner I can send Reiki Healing energy either by hands on or distance healing. I love that I can do Reiki healing work to an animal thousands of miles away just as strongly as if they were in the same room. Which is why Reiki Animal Healer is International, I don’t want to limit the wonderful gentle Reiki energy to help an animal to being just those in my local area, but to help those Worldwide.

An example of distance healing is on my testimonal page, of a lovely Spanish Mastiff called Teddy. He was adopted via the wonderful charity Blind Dog Rescue UK from Spain by an amazing family in Scotland, who already had a blind Labrador called Bear, as well as able sighted Labradors. When Teddy arrived it became apparent that he had an issue with his legs, his front ankles were collapsed and he was wobbly on his hind legs. He was also spending most of his time sleeping, getting tired very quickly. He was taken to a vet and to everyone’s shock, X-Rays showed that he has no hip sockets. As you can imagine it was an emotional time for his owners who wanted to ensure Teddy was happy, pain free and also enjoy many years. Alongside the Veterinary advice they were given (Reiki is not a substitute for seeing a Veterinary Surgeon) I offered to send one on one Distance Reiki to Teddy. It didn’t take long for Teddy to start feeling the benefits of his Reiki sessions and Marie, Teddy’s mum contacted me to say how he suddenly had energy he didn’t have before and was now playing. As Reiki goes where it is needed to rebalance and enable the healing process to take place. Teddy’s need was to have energy because the Vet advice was that he needed to build up his muscle to help his back legs with no sockets. “Wendy’s distance Reiki healing played a very important part in this process”  With the love and care of his owners he is an amazing dog, who you would never believe has no hip sockets or is blind. You can follow his progress and the antics of the Southon pack on their Facebook Page Marie Labradors Southon

Teddy Blog Reiki Animal Healer

Teddy – Then and Now | Copyright – Braveheart Photography

If you would like your animal to have a Reiki Healing Session then please have a look at my Sessions page. I hope you will also have a look around other areas on my website and come back to read my blog posts.

Sending Reiki Blessings to you and your animal friends.