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Five Paw Reviews


“Angus my lab, was hit by a car on 23rd June. He had many injuries but the big hurdle was, a damaged lung and liver it didn’t look good for him! I was warned it could take weeks in specialist care, possibly an operation. My world fell apart and I’m in tears as I write this. I left him with the specialist’s.

Then Wendy came into our life. Within two days I was receiving news, they were amazed at his recovery, far beyond expectations. Six days later he was home! I’ll never be able to thank Wendy enough, Angus means the world to me, I love him to bits
Huge thank you Wendy, for saving my boy xxxx”

Meryl & Angus - England

My dog was in extreme pain following surgery. He hadn’t slept properly and was waking several times through the night as he couldn’t get comfortable!
Some distance reiki and he slept through the night, was moving better than he has done and is happier within himself.
Wendy is also amazing to deal with! She is kind, and easy to speak to. She also loves and cares for your pet and is understanding of their needs!
To say I’m happy is an understatement. I’m delighted, my boy is happy and it’s nice to see his smile again!
From a happy mummy and her fur baby!
Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

Sarah - England

My hound Eloise was diagnosed with lung tumors 16 months ago. Since her diagnosis, she has been receiving regular Reiki sessions (distance) from Wendy. Eloise is still going strong. At diagnosis she was given 3-5 months. She is now her oncologist’s longest living lung cancer patient.”

LeeAnn & Eloise - USA

“Our Rudy came to us in March 2015 through a Jack Russell Rescue site. He’d been through a lot butwas a happy, funny, loving dog who took over our bed the first night. Shortly after new neighbors moved in and we became friends. A year later we moved out of the area but stayed in touch. Rudy was great-loved to run in the new yard, play ball, take long walks and had a wonderful approach to life. Then one day he couldn’t relieve his bladder. When he had surgery they discovered his liver was badly damaged. That’s where Wendy came in. The neighbors knew her and recommended we at least try. Rudy started eating again, his will to live returned. Further tests showed that he was born with a distorted liver and could actually be treated. Amazingly, I felt a peacefulness and hope that I hadn’t experienced before. I believe either Rudy’s treatment was extending to me or Wendy was attending both of us. Rudy is still on meds but his vets & I are amazed at his recovery. He is back to being the same wonderful, loving, funny dog again with an extended future thanks to Wendy.”

Ginny & Ruddy - USA

“The devastation that accompanies a terminal diagnosis is only compounded by the feeling of helplessness. Having to withdraw complementary therapies for my girl was necessary but difficult and the only assistance I could offer was Reiki.
Clancy was such an independent girl and had such a determined spirit that she would take her time in assessing any therapist I introduced to help her, and Wendy was no exception. She took a little reiki at first, then decided that was enough, but as the disease progressed so did her willingness to accept Reiki.
Wendy’s calm and considerate nature eased her until one particular day, she stayed next to Wendy for a considerable length of time.

A few days later she deteriorated very quickly and we knew that it was time. The vet came out immediately and I was overcome at how my feisty, resilient, independent girl totally accepted the situation and was ready.
The peace at that moment will stay with me forever and I could actually see the effect that the healing had given her. Without any doubt, Reiki gave my girl something I could not have imagined and I will be forever grateful to Wendy for coming into our lives”

Sarah & Clancy - England

“After my 6 year old rottweiler Bee ruptured her back cruciate ligament I contacted Wendy and she did reiki from a distance for Bee as I was very worried about her recovering from surgery with her being such a lively dog, but she recovered from the surgery and to the vets amazement she had no swelling at all throughout her 8 week recovery and now you have to look closely for a slight limp, I didn’t expect Bee to ever be back to normal but she is doing fine and I would recommend Wendy for her reiki, I don’t think Bee would have got through it without the reiki sessions.”

Karen & Bee - England

“Cannot rate Wendy highly enough, she is a wonderful caring lady who does her best to understand the problem within your pet and get to the very root of it. My dog has suffered for years with skin problems and constant ear infections, I came to her just after he had surgery on his ear after perforating his ear flap from constant scratching, Wendy has helped him become happy again he was so depressed recently for quite a while due to being in pain but lately he has not only become happier again in himself he has also regained a puppy like playfulness that he hasn’t displayed in a very long time and his tail wags lots just like before, this makes me sooo happy as he’s not just my dog he’s my baby and his health being so good and seeing him happy again means the world to me. Thank you Wendy your a star and I cannot thank you enough”

Andrea & Soobs - England

I recently contacted Reiki animal healer because I just found out my dog Ezra has anal glad cancer and kidney stones and he seemed depressed. I don’t understand Reiki but I knew it couldn’t hurt Ezra only help. After two Reiki secessions from Wendy, Ezra appeared happier and was smiling again! I’m so glad I contacted Wendy and she helped Ezra and continues to help him thru his cancer. I highly recommend Reiki to anyone or animal who is suffering with a physical, emotional or illness . You don’t have to have hands on Reiki for it to work!

Alicia- USA

Our 4-year-old German Shepard Rue required cruciate ligament surgery, however the operation didn’t go to plan, which resulted in 4 additional corrective surgeries, unfortunately her lameness still remained. Wendy kindly assisted in Rue’s recovery with a few sessions of reiki from distance. Since then there has been a vast improvement in Rue’s spirit and physical well-being she is lot happier within herself. I would recommend Wendy’s reiki, as words cannot describe how effective her sessions have been to improve Rue’s condition. We’ve also seen great results and improvements in many of our horses at Glen Jakes Riding School, Wendy has successfully corrected various ailments within our equine stock resulting in happy sound horses. Thank you so much Wendy

Rebecca- England

I have known Wendy for a few years and know first hand how good she is working with animals. Her friendly and compassionate approach ensures the reiki flows to where it is needed. She certainly helped my two dogs with it. Highly recommended

Jason- England

“My Molly the collie had twisted her knee . We had been at vet and then I was told about reiki healing from a distance . So I contacted Wendy sent a picture of Molly and explained her symptoms . Well it was unbelievable within 2 days she was on all fours again . Only thing was when she got up she was unwilling to put her leg down straight away. . So contacted Wendy and she through Reiki within the next day Molly was putting her leg down straight away .

Totally amazing . I would definitely recommend Wendy to anyone . Thank you Wendy Molly and I are back to our walks again .”

Nora & Molly - Scotland

“Wendy is a very Special lady. When I adopted Teddy the Spanish Mastin from a Rescue in Spain I knew he was blind but when he arrived he was very undernourished, his front ankle joints were collapsed and he was very unsteady on his back end. Teddy was very weak and lacking energy. Wendy had been following Teddy’s story on my FB page “Marie Labradors Southon” and contacted me offering to send Teddy distance Reiki healing, I was so grateful.

Incredibly within a couple of days Teddy had so much more energy and was playing with my other dogs, it was truly amazing. After having x-rays on Teddy’s back end we discovered he had no hip sockets so we had to build the muscles up on his back end so they would take over the role of his missing hip joints. Wendy’s distance Reiki healing played a very important part in this process and I will be forever grateful to her for all she has done for Teddy.”

Marie & Teddy - Scotland

“In August 2013 I decided I would take on my biggest sporting accomplishment to date: An IRONMAN triathlon so I entered knowing I would have a whole year to train and get prepared given it was August 2014. I trained hard and long but unfortunately in the July of 2014 I had a suspected metatarsal stress fracture, caused by inappropriate orthotics which were supposed to help me run WITHOUT injury!

I felt helpless and very low as this meant I would not be able to take part in the race I’d trained so long and hard for. I contacted Wendy who suggested she could do Distance Reiki healing on me….I was a bit sceptical at first as I wasn’t really into this kind of therapy but decided it was worth a shot. Wendy did a couple of sessions on me and within 2 days, the swelling in my foot had gone down very considerably – I could finally see the bones in my feet again! I was delighted. I contacted Wendy right away to thank her. What I also noticed was that my attitude towards the foot had changed, I had an inner peace that I’d not had previously. I went for an MRI deciding I could deal with any outcome. It turned out my foot was broken – I was upset, however, I dealt with it a lot better than I might have otherwise done.

In the November 2014 I finally did an Ironman triathlon – not the one I wanted to do originally but it was a fantastic experience, and one I will repeat.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your positive energy, belief, care and talent and for helping me on my Ironman journey.”

Yvonne - England

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