Distance Reiki for Animals


Distance Reiki for animals is ideal for all pets, particularly those who are nervous, anxious or fearful. Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, all animals enjoy and benefit from a distance Reiki session. They accept the healing energy without the need for someone encroaching on their personal space, so they are relaxed during their session. In fact, to ensure this, my sessions are always for when your pet is either asleep or not being disturbed by distractions.


Works as well as hands on


Ability to treat animals anywhere, at anytime


Ideal for stressed or nervous animals

Session Fees

£20 for one session
£65 for 4 sessions

(Block Bookings do not have to be taken consecutively)


How Do I Get Started?


Book a Session

Contact me to book a session and discuss how Reiki could help your pet to improve her well-being.


Send a Photo

A photo of your pet helps me to connect to your pet’s energy. Don’t worry though, his/her name is enough to create the connection.


1st Session!

Agree a date for your pet’s first session. I will follow up with you 2 days after the session or sooner if you have any questions.

More about Distance Reiki

How does distance Reiki work?

I’m not even in the next room, but hundreds or thousands of miles away from your animal. That’s impossible! That was once said about mobile/cell phones. Yet today, you can dial a number, send a text to someone anywhere in the World knowing it will arrive. There are no wires, cables or anything you can see, but you trust and believe that it will go exactly to the person you sent it too. That’s how Reiki works!

There are no cables, wires or touching, but energy connects. Once I set my intention and focus on your animal from looking at a photo or knowing your animal’s name and a description; I’ve dialed the number to connect with your animal. Your pet then has a choice to accept my call, the Reiki or say, “Thanks, but not today.” It’s rare for an animal to say no, but it can happen and I will pick up on the refusal. If they say, “Yes, I would love some Reiki.” Then we connect and the Reiki will flow.

How do I know the Reiki worked?

Most people see a change in their animal, sometimes even after the first session. It all depends on what healing is needed; emotional, physical or even something we’re not aware of. For example, if it’s a session because the dog is feeling out of sorts and grumpy, you can notice the change the very next day. A more relaxed, happier dog. If it’s to help support the animal after an operation, then it might be more noticeable after 3 or 4 sessions. Each animal is an individual, so they all react to Reiki differently, just like you might recover from an illnesses faster than someone else you know.

What animals can have Distance Reiki?

All animals are open to accepting Reiki, it is non discriminatory Universal healing, which means that not only can Reiki help humans and animals, but it can also help plants and trees and so much more.

I believe that all animals should have the same opportunity to receive healing and Reiki, I accept all species. Reiki for cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, chickens, cows, birds, snakes, lizards, bees, they all deserve support and help through Reiki, healing, kindness and whatever way we can help them.


Can I have a distance Reiki session?

Absolutely! Although, I am Reiki Animal Healer, I started my Reiki studies with Reiki for humans, I just chose to follow the animal path. Often it’s beneficial for animal guardians to also have Reiki, especially if you are both going through a stressful period or not sleeping. Or just yourself, if it’s you that is stressed and not sleeping, as often our animal’s pick up on our stress and it impacts them. If you are calm, relaxed and sleeping well, you’re animal will feel calmer too. Oh and the session fee is the same as for animals, so if you booked 4 sessions with the discount, you can even share them with your animal. It’s a win-win!

Wendy kindly assisted in Rue’s recovery with a few sessions of reiki from distance. Since then there has been a vast improvement in Rue’s spirit and physical well-being she is lot happier within herself. I would recommend Wendy’s reiki, as words cannot describe how effective her sessions have been to improve Rue’s condition.


Is your Animal Ready for a Distance Reiki Session?

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