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 Reiki Distance Animal Healing


How can Reiki work from a Distance?

Reiki is a form of energy healing and everything around us is made up by energy.  An example I like to use is that you have a mobile (cell) phone and you know that you can talk to anyone in the World using your phone. There are no wires connecting your phones, it’s all done by radio waves, which in turn is a form of energy. Distance Reiki makes a connection in the same way, but between the Reiki Practitioner and the recipient. This allows Reiki to be sent anywhere in the World, as distance is not a restriction for the healing energy of Reiki.


Who would Distance Reiki benefit?

Every animal can benefit from Distance Reiki. I find Distance works extremely well and just as well as in person Reiki because I send the Reiki to an animal at a time I know that the animal will be sleeping. At this time, there are no distractions and the animal is calm and relaxed, thus allowing the Reiki healing to flow unhindered. The expression that our body heals quicker when we’re sleeping, particularly when we are ill, is a perfect example.

Distance Reiki is also ideal for animals who are easily stressed around people they do not know or just have a nervous or aggressive disposition to newcomers. Rescue animals or those stressed in shelters could also benefit from this type of Reiki.


What happens when I book a Reiki Session?

I will contact you to go through details about your animal companion and how Reiki could help. If you can email me a photograph of your animal, this can allow me to make a closer connection to your animal. If you do not have a photograph, don’t worry I am still able to connect and the Reiki will work just as well. Email communications will be ongoing during the sessions, to answer any questions you may have and also to update me on your animal companion’s progress.


How much does Distance Reiki Animal Healing cost?

From experience I have found that 4 distance Reiki Sessions over consecutive days have helped the most, especially where the problem has been with the animal for a while, such as arthritis. This can then be followed up with extra sessions and also top up sessions in the future. One Distance Reiki session is ideal for helping an animal to relax when visiting the groomers, vets or other instances. Unsure which is right for your animal companion just get in touch.

1 Distant Reiki Animal Session – £20

4 Distant Reiki Animal Sessions – £65 (saving £15)


If you would prefer shorter or longer sessions, either consecutively or spread over a number of weeks please contact me for prices.


Important Legal Information

The Veterinary Surgery Act 1966 prohibits anyone other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals, including diagnosis of ailments and giving advice on such diagnosis. However the healing of animals by contact healing, by the laying on of hands and distant healing is legal. The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this. To give emergency first aid to animals for the purpose of saving life or relieving pain is permissible under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996 Schedule 3.  Source: UK Reiki Federation

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