Hands On Reiki for Animals


Hands On Reiki for animals does not necessarily means laying on of the hands, but it does mean being in the presence of the animal. Some animals don’t like to be touched or have people they don’t know invade their personal space. Reiki can be beamed to the animal, the animal can enter into the Reiki Space the practitioner has made available and at some point the animal may show the area that they would like the practitioner’s hands to be placed upon.

It’s all about freedom of choice. It also means that Reiki can be beamed into a cage, a stable or from a safe distance until the animal feels comfortable. Animals usually relax quite quickly and some even show signs of the Reiki working through them, such as a “Reiki Yawn”, a joint twitching, deep relaxation that they don’t even notice when the session ends and the practitioner moves away.



In your home environment


Time when convenient


Be part of the healing session

Session Fees

£35 per Reiki session

includes mileage within 10 miles of Cheadle, Cheshire 

mileage fees apply for further distances


How Do I Get Started?


Book a Session

Contact me to book a session and discuss how Reiki could help your pet to improve her well-being.


Arrange a Date

For me to come and visit you and your animal in your home. Allowing your pet to get to know me before the session begins.


Follow Up

I will follow up with you 2 days after the session or sooner if you have any questions.

More about Hands On Reiki

Can I be with my pet during the session?

Absolutely! Your pet is not only your family member, but he/she depends on you, so naturally you want to be part of the session. I think it’s important, as your presence will help your animal relax, especially if this is the first time that they have met me. It also allows you to see how your pet responds to Reiki, see and maybe even feel the Reiki energy in the room, if you are open to doing so. You may even think of some questions during the session to ask me later. 

Will Reiki hurt my pet?

No, Reiki is gentle and non-invasive. There is no pressure applied to your pet, no equipment and a freedom of choice. Your pet may feel warmth, cool or tingling from the Reiki flowing, but it in no way hurts, although it might make them wonder what is happening. This is why the laying on of hands does not happen in the first instance, as the animal adjusts to the sensations. This is also another reason why a distance Reiki session can be more beneficial for some animals. Some don’t feel anything at all, expect peaceful, relaxation. 

I have two pets, can they have a session together?

This is possible with Hands On Reiki because it’s about creating a Reiki space for the animals to share, so if I am in your home and both your pets are in the same room, then they can both enter the Reiki space. Both may also ask for the laying on of hands during the session. I ensure that both pet’s receive this during the session. As the session length is the animal’s choice, up to 1 hour, if the presence of two pets requesting a longer session, then the fee would be adjusted accordingly. 

How long does a session last?

Hands On Reiki sessions are for 1 hour, this includes time for you to ask questions before or after the session. During the first visit I allow an extra 15 mins for your pet or pets to get to know me prior to the session. The actual length of Reiki session can be anything from 20 mins to 50 mins depending on your animal. Some feel that they have received enough Reiki sooner than others, this doesn’t mean that they receive any less, it’s more they have received what they need.

She took a little Reiki at first, then decided that was enough, but as the disease progressed so did her willingness to accept Reiki. Wendy’s calm and considerate nature eased her until one particular day, she stayed next to Wendy for a considerable length of time. A few days later she deteriorated very quickly and we knew that it was time. The vet came out immediately and I was overcome at how my feisty, resilient, independent girl totally accepted the situation and was ready. The peace at that moment will stay with me forever and I could actually see the effect that the healing had given her. Without any doubt, Reiki gave my girl something I could not have imagined


Is your Animal Ready for an In Home Reiki Session?