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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy”. As we all consist of energy, this energy, often referred to as Chi, can become blocked either at an emotional or physical level. This blockage can result in illness. Stress and upsets can also block our energy (chi). Reiki is a holistic treatment, which works by the Reiki Practitioner channelling the energy, either hands on or via distance healing, to help rebalance the energy flow at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As the Reiki flows during the treatment, it works to harmonise the energy. This harmonisation helps to heal the body at all levels, this is how it can help to speed up the healing process when combined with conventional medicine. Reiki however, is not a replacement for seeking a medical diagnosis and treatment from a Doctor (humans) or Veterinary Surgeon (animals), nor does Reiki guarantee a cure.

How can Reiki help my animal?

Reiki is gentle, non invasive, painless and stress free; combined with the ability to give Reiki either Hands on or from a Distance makes this a wonderful holistic healing process for an animal. When they are ill we take them to a Veterinary Surgeon to diagnose and treat our animal companions. Although, the animal knows that he is ill, he does not always understand what and why the Vet is doing what he does to him. The holistic qualities of Reiki for animals combined with conventional medicine (Reiki is not a substitute from seeking Veterinary care) can help an animal to feel less stressed, speed up the vet prescribed healing process and Reiki can do no harm to the recipient. Because it is a form of energy healing, the animal can control their participation in the healing process and therefore, allows the animal to feel in control of this part of their healing process, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Reiki has been known to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety in animals. This can be the result of a number of issues such as moving house, a new relationship within the household, their human companions feeling stressed, which the animal in turn picks up on and shows the same physical signs, through to abusive situations the animal has endured. It have been known to help calm them prior to operations and also help to heal injuries and illnesses faster. Many animals with behavioural problems can have these issues from deep rooted emotional problems, Reiki for animals can help to rebalance these issues and bring calm back to the animal. Again this does not mean that behavioural training can be avoided, but it does mean that the training can be greatly improved with the addition of Reiki healing, if the cause is an emotional one. Some animals behavioural issues could be an underlying physical problem and therefore, Veterinary advice should be sought.

The gentle healing of Reiki can also help to ease an animal’s transition from this world. Helping them to be more peaceful when the time comes and also Reiki can greatly help the human companion to accept this transition and find peace with their companion’s passing.

As it helps at all levels Reiki for animals is limitless in it’s ability to complement conventional and alternative therapies. Having balance restored can help the healing process to proceed as it is meant to go, whether that be recovery or as mentioned it can help support the dying process if that is the outcome for the animal, it cannot cure what is meant to be, but it can provide peace.

How many Reiki sessions are needed?

There is no set number of Reiki healing sessions that an animal might benefit from. Some animals may only need the one treatment for it to have a significant difference, as in the example of an animal receiving Reiki prior to an operation. Others may need 4 sessions, over the space of a week to help them to rebalance and all the healing process to take affect. This has been particularly helpful when an animal is recovering from an accident or surgery, speeding up the healing process and reducing the pain levels. Some may benefit from regular weekly or monthly Reiki either by one on one Hands on or Distant Reiki; or just a top up from the weekly healing list. You will notice the change in your animal companion and be able to decide whether more or less is needed. Veterinary advice should always be sought first for diagnosis and treatment. Mention to your vet if you are considering Reiki for animals alongside the conventional treatment. If your vet has questions about Reiki they can email me if they wish to know more.  If you need further advice you can contact me

What is Distance Reiki?

Energy is all around us, it flows freely, not rooted to one spot or one system. Reiki works by channelling healing energy either by hands on / in person treatments or by intention because as mentioned energy is all around us. By setting an intention with Reiki sacred symbols, a connection energy to energy, to the animal or person who wants Reiki Distance Healing, can be made. Distance does not matter with Reiki, which allows a Reiki session to be sent anywhere in the World. The person/animal receiving the Reiki can be in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, anywhere while the Practitioner could be in Europ

Does Reiki hurt?

Reiki is gentle and non-invasive, so does not cause any pain. Recipients of Reiki have said that they have felt sensations such as warmth or cold, seeing colours. Animals are sentient beings and therefore for some the energy can feel intense for them, which is why sometimes during a hands on session the animal may prefer to lie at a distance to receive the Reiki until they get used to the feeling of the flow of energy.

Distance Healing can be easier for some, especially those who have aggression issues or extremely nervous or those that are very active and don’t sit still for very long, as the healing can be sent while the animal is sleeping.

My animal isn't comfortable around new people, so I don't think Reiki would work?

If you have an extremely nervous animal around new people or even an aggressive one, then distance Reiki is probably the best solution. The fact that the animal is nervous or aggressive will not stop them from receiving Reiki this way. All animals are intuitive to the effects of Reiki and are open to receiving healing this way. As mentioned above, some animals who have hands on Reiki will prefer to sit a distance from the Reiki Practitioner because the energy is unknown to them and although they are happy to accept the treatment the feeling of the energy is easier for them to receive at either a short distance ie across the room or paddock; or worldwide distance. This is the reason that Reiki also works so well with wild animals whether they are truly wild or in zoos and sanctuaries. The same goes for animals who have been rescued from unpleasant circumstances that have left them with emotional scars.

Do you do Reiki sessions for humans?

I most certainly do! I believe that everyone should have access to the wonderful healing benefits that can be felt from a Reiki session. Bringing balance into your life, to situations in your life, such as job interviews, stress of moving house; and helping to speed up the healing process of conventional medicines. Although, I do Hands On Reiki in person for animals I only offer Reiki Distance Healing for humans. This is a personal choice and something that works better for me. The effects of Reiki are the

same whether you receive Distance or Hands On, however I know some people gain more from the feeling of having someone with them doing a hands on treatment and there are many Reiki Practitioners available if you would prefer this type of session.

I have carried out Distance Reiki sessions on a number of humans who have benefited at physical and emotional levels. My own Mother has had numerous treatments and has found it to be beneficial to her health. Reiki can be sent to Worldwide, so wherever you are if you would like to receive a treatment then please complete the Booking Form to Book a Treatment Session or if you would like to know more about whether it could help you then please Contact Me.

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