Animal Vacation Reiki


Do you get all excited about your vacation, but have it tinged with worrying about whether your pet will stressed at the cattery or kennels?

One of the benefits of Reiki is relaxation, supporting the animal’s feeling of well-being and improving sleep. This can help to calm stressed animals and bring them back into balance.

An Animal Vacation Reiki Package could be the answer for you and your pet. Distance Reiki for your pet prior to your vacation and a set number of sessions during the vacation. If you want, the package could even include a pre-vacation distance Reiki session for you too!



Distance Reiki before and during your vacation


Bespoke to cover the length of your vacation


Ideal for stressed or nervous animals

Session Fees

Starting from £30

based on a 3 night vacation


How Do I Get Started?


Book a Session

Contact me to book a session and discuss the number Reiki sessions required based on your Vacation length.


Send a Photo

A photo of your pet helps me to connect to your pet’s energy. Don’t worry though, his name is enough to create the connection.


1st Session!

Agree the dates for your pet’s sessions, pre and during your vacation. Follow up with you after your vacation.

More about Animal Vacation Reiki

How do I know how many sessions are needed?

As the package is completely bespoke, the number of sessions are based on your needs and the length of your vacation. I would recommend one distance Reiki session a couple of days prior to your Vacation to help relax your pet before your departure. Then one for the first night of your vacation to help calm and relax your pet on their first night away from you. Depending on the length of stay and your pet’s disposition, one or two sessions a week. So, a 3 night vacation would be 2 Reiki sessions and a week vacation would be 3 or 4 sessions and a 14 day vacation would be 4 or 5 sessions.

Can you really do this from a distance?

I can! I connect to your pet via energy, as we are all energy. Which is how Reiki flows, to help unblock any energy blockages in your animal or yourself, if you have a Reiki Session. I go into detail on how Distance Reiki works on either my Distance Animal Reiki page or the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you want to ask more questions, drop me a line via my contact page.

What animals is the vacation package suitable for?

Any animal who you feel would benefit from a relaxing distance Reiki session before and during your vacation. Animals are sensitive and emotional beings, they love you, you are their family and they rely on you for nearly everything in their lives. Some of them feel the effects of you being away in the form of being depressed, reluctance to eat and so on. Reiki could help to reduce those effects by calming the animal. You can also help your pets by talking to them about your holiday, how long you will be away and when you will be back. They do understand more than you think.  

Can I have a distance Reiki session?

You certainly can. As much as a vacation can be a relaxing time, the stress prior to your trip can take it’s toll on you either mentally or physically. If you feel a Distance Reiki session would help you feel relaxed and ready for your vacation, get in touch to arrange a session. 


I highly recommend Reiki to anyone or animal who is suffering with a physical, emotional or illness . You don’t have to have hands on Reiki for it to work!


Relaxing Reiki Session for your Pet

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