Reiki Animal Healer

...because animals need healing too!

Helping Animals One Paw at a Time


I believe that animals need healing too, which is why I decided to focus my Reiki practice specifically for animals. Animals bring so much joy into our lives whether they are your domestic animal companions or wild animals that make you smile when you see them. Each one regardless of species feels love, pain, sadness and experiences illnesses just like we do, which is why Reiki can help rebalance animals just like it does for humans. Helping them through emotional and physical issues, speeding up the healing process alongside Veterinary care. I offer a number of session options from Hands On Reiki for those living in the North West of England through to Reiki Distance Healing for those of you living anywhere in the world. Reiki works equally well whichever option is chosen. Have questions about Reiki,  watch the short video below, pop over to the Frequently Asked Questions section or Contact Me.


For those of you who decide to embark on a Reiki Animal Healing session, I look forward to getting to know you and your animal companion.

“I know that some of you might not believe in Reiki, but Cheeky is living proof to me that it does work”

– Nicky & Cheeky

“ I would recommend Wendy for her reiki, I don’t think Bee would have got through it without the reiki sessions”

– Karen & Bee

“I contacted Wendy sent a picture of Molly and explained her symptoms . Well it was unbelievable within 2 days she was on all fours again”

– Nora & Molly

Free Consultation

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